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11th Street Bridge and Park Area Map

This Site

Red Marker11th Street Bridge and Park
D.C. Dept. of Transportation
250 M St. SE
Washington, DC 20003

Nearby Sites

Category IconWashington Navy Yard
U.S. Navy Site -- 0.16 miles
Category IconEastern Powerboat Club
Marina -- 0.20 miles
Category IconYards Marina
Marina -- 0.35 miles
Category IconThe Yards Park
D.C. Park -- 0.40 miles
Category IconJohn Philip Sousa Bridge
Highway Bridge -- 0.47 miles
Category IconD.C. Water Headquarters
D.C. Government Building -- 0.48 miles
Category IconAnacostia Riverwalk Trail
Hiking Trail -- 0.50 miles
Category IconNationals Park Baseball Water Taxi
Water Taxi -- 0.51 miles
Category IconDiamond Teague Park and Boat Ramp
River Access Point -- 0.52 miles
Category IconFrederick Douglass Memorial Bridge
Highway Bridge -- 0.55 miles