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Power Canal Reservoir Area Map

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Red MarkerPower Canal Reservoir
Greenway State Park

Montague, MA 01376

Nearby Sites

Category Icon5th Street Bridge, Turners Falls
Connecticut River Bridge -- 0.08 miles
Category IconGreat Falls Discovery Center
Museum -- 0.26 miles
Category IconTurners Falls-Gill Bridge
Connecticut River Bridge -- 0.37 miles
Category IconFranklin County Boat Club
Marina -- 0.65 miles
Category IconRawson Island Rapids
River Rapids -- 0.71 miles
Category IconTurners Falls
River Rapids -- 0.72 miles
Category IconBarton Cove Campground & Kayak Rental
Canoe/Kayak Access -- 0.78 miles
Category IconTurners Falls Portage Trail
Hiking Trail -- 0.96 miles
Category IconCabot Station Power Plant
Power Plant -- 0.99 miles
Category IconPoplar Street Access
Canoe/Kayak Access -- 1.23 miles