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Appalachian Trail Bridges at Harpers Ferry, WV

Potomac River Railroad Bridge

Photo of CSX Bridge

Two bridges across the river at Harpers Ferry are operated by the CSX Corporation. The more recent bridge is a deck plate girder bridge dating to 1930. The older Y-shaped bridge is a steel truss dating to 1893, part of the B&O Mainline and used as a crossing for the Appalahcian Trail. A nearby tunnel was constructed at the same time throuh the Maryland Heights to avoid creating a sharp curve. The B&O Railroad Potomac River crossings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The railroad bridge was severely damagaed in 2019 by a train derailment. It was closed to pedestrian traffic and forced the creation of a detour on the Appalachian Trail. The bridge was reopened to trail traffic in July 2020.

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