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Dartmouth College


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Dartmouth College, a private Ivy League research university, is nestled in the town of Hanover, New Hampshire. Established in 1769, it is one of the nine colonial colleges chartered before the American Revolution. Dartmouth offers a liberal arts curriculum and is renowned for its strong emphasis on undergraduate education. Dartmouth is located close to the Connecticut River and not far from the headwaters of the river.

John Ledyard was an American explorer and adventurer who briefly attended Dartmouth College, which is located near the Connecticut River. Born in Groton, Connecticut in 1751, Ledyard arrived at Dartmouth College in 1772. During his time there, he famously crafted his own dugout canoe and paddled it down the Connecticut River to his grandfather’s farm. This adventurous spirit later led him to join Captain James Cook’s third voyage as a British marine, making him one of the first U.S. citizens to touch the western coast of North America. His experiences sparked a lifelong interest in exploration and trade, particularly with China. Despite his global travels, Ledyard’s early adventures on the Connecticut River near Dartmouth College marked the beginning of his remarkable life as an explorer.

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Dartmouth College
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Hanover, NH 03755