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Windsor Locks Kayak Access

Kayak Access

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The Windsor Locks Canal State Park, located near the Connecticut River, provides a kayak access area. The park follows the historic towpath of the Windsor Locks Canal and offers scenic vistas of both the Connecticut River and the old canal. The park is popular for fishing, hiking, and especially kayaking. The canal’s many vantage points offer scenic vistas of both the Connecticut River and the old canal. The modern paved surface lies atop the towpath, the actual walkway which animals, often mules, hauled the freight barges by rope north and south along the waterway. This historic remnant of Connecticut’s commercial and industrial past has become a significant spot for the recreating public.

This site is part of the Connecticut River Paddlers Trail, which includes campsites, access points, and portage trails along the river.

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Contact Information
Town of Windsor Locks
Palisado Ave.
Windsor Locks, CT 06096