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Gildersleeve Island

Connecticut River Island

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Gildersleeve Island is a notable landform situated on the Connecticut River, midway between the towns of Cromwell and Portland, Connecticut. The island spans approximately 80 acres. Formerly used as a grazing area for farm animals and for haying, Gildersleeve Island has now reverted to a floodplain forest and sandy riverine habitat. It is a special focus area of the Connecticut River Silvio O. Conte Wildlife Refuge. The island’s ecological values include alluvial floodplain forest and riverine habitat, which hosts a variety of neo-tropical migrants and provides near-shore shallows suitable for foraging wading birds. It also has large cottonwood and silver maple trees, suitable for State-endangered and Federally-threatened nesting Bald Eagles.

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Silvo Conte National Wildlife Refuge

Portland, CT 06480