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Lynde Point Lighthouse

Historic Site

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The Lynde Point Lighthouse, also known as Saybrook Inner Lighthouse, is a historic lighthouse located on the west side of the mouth of the Connecticut River in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. The original lighthouse, a 35-foot wooden tower, was constructed by Abisha Woodward in 1803. However, due to its height and local fog conditions, it was criticized for being ineffective. In response, a new 65-foot octagonal brownstone tower was built in 1838 and lit in 1839. The lighthouse underwent renovations in 1867, and its keeper’s house was replaced in 1858 with a Gothic Revival gambrel-roofed wood-frame house. The lighthouse was automated by the United States Coast Guard in 1978 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1990.

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Lynde Point Lighthouse
U.S. Coast Guard
Old Saybrook, CT 06475