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Warrior Mountain Wildlife Management Area

Maryland Recreation Site

This 4,000-acre state wildlife management area consists of forests, fields, and old orchards. Wild turkeys are numerous, along with a variety of songbirds. Some abandoned farms and cemeteries in the area date to the mid-19th century. The famous Native American trail known as the "Warrior Path" follows the base of the mountain. The trail extended from New York State through Oldtown and south. It was used by Delaware Indians from the North and Catabas from the South, as well as Indians from the Six Nations of the North. Warrior Mountain is popular for hunters in pursuit of wild turkey, white-tailed deer, and gray squirrels. An unimproved campground on the mountain provides overnight accommodations. The forest covers the ridge and valleys that are typical in Western Maryland. At the top of Warrior Mountain is a clearing for a power line that provides a spectacular view of surrounding terrain.

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Contact Information
Maryland Department of Natural Resources
11701 Mountain Road NE
Flintstone MD 21530