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Father Andrew White Memorial

Maryland Historic Site

Father Andrew White Memorial, on Route 5 at South Snow Hill Manor Road, is dedicated to one of the early Jesuit priests who came to the colony with the first settlers. White worked in Indian settlements at Piscataway and Port Tobacco. White's "Relation" was an early work that described the Potomac settlements and is an important historical reference. He wrote an Indian catechism and a grammar of the Piscataway Indian language.

The original of White's "Relation" is now owned by the Maryland Historical Society and is on exhibit at the Society's museum in Baltimore. It is a 12-page document, written in Latin a month after White landed at St. Clement's Island, describing the 1633 voyage of the Ark.

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Contact Information
St. Mary's County Historical Society
Court House Drive
Leonardtown MD 20657