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Cold Spring Pier


Photo of Cold Spring Pier

The Pier is located on the Hudson waterfront at the end of Main Street in the Village of Cold Spring. The pier has spectacular views of the Hudson Valley, West Point, along with a gazebo that is a popular gathering spot in warmer months. The pier is a short walk from the train station. On the other side of the railroad station are dozens of art galleries, shops and restaurants.

The Cold Spring pier features a replica of the Parrot gun, a type of muzzle-loading artillery weapon used extensively in the American Civil War. It was developed by Robert P. Parrott, a former Army captain and West Point official. The guns ranged in size from 10-pounder field rifles to behemoths weighing up to 13 tons, and capable of firing a shell weighing 300 pounds. The foundry that produced the Parrot gun was the West Point Foundry, which was located on the Hudson River near the village, and is now a popular museum.

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Contact Information
Village of Cold Spring
85 Main Street
Village of Cold Spring, NY 10516