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Troy Motorboat Canoe Club Access

Canoe/Kayak Access

Photo of Troy Motorboat Club

The Troy Motor Boat & Canoe Club is located on the eastern shore of the Hudson River across from Peebles Island and the Waterford Terminal Wall. It was founded in 1898. The group existed alongside four or five other local clubs at the time, eventually surviving past its competitors to its official incorporation on Feb. 7, 1911. The club charter was drawn up at that time, stating the purpose of the group to be for "the development of aquatic sport, the advancement of motor boating and canoeing, and for the general recreation of its members". The club still uses a circa-1918 motor to power its railroad-based system for launching and retrieving docks from the river.

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Contact Information
Troy Motorboat Club
763 1st Ave.
Troy, NY 12180