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Maryland Town

Photo of Westernport MD

Largest of the "Tri-Towns" of Luke and Westernport, Md, and Piedmont, W. Va., this community is dominated by the Luke Mill of the Verso Corp. This enormous paper plant produced thousands of tons of high-quality paper each day until it closed in 2019. Many of the older houses of Westernport have been washed away by repeated floods in the steep valley; the Jennings Randolph Lake is designed to alleviate future flooding.

Westernport got its name from its position as the westernmost point of river navigation on the North Branch. The town is located at the confluence of George's Creek and the North Branch. The creek runs through a rich coal valley with a seam of coal estimated to be 14 feet thick. Much of the area is now riddled with abandoned coal mines and seeping acid mine drainage. In addition to the coal mining trade, the area continues to be a center for logging and timbering activity.

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Contact Information
Town of Westernport
P.O. Box 266
Westernport MD 21526