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As the Potomac descends from above the Blue Ridge to meet the Shenandoah, the river grows turbulent and provides excellent whitewater canoeing. But it is strictly for experienced paddlers.

Beginning at Millville, West Virginia, the Shenandoah descends to its confluence with the Potomac. The river runs flat for about 1.5 miles. But at "Entrance Rapids," the Shenandoah flows over a series of ledges--just a hint of the 3-foot drop at Bull Falls. At "The Stairsteps," the river descends 12 feet in 1 mile over a long series of ledges and under the U.S. 340 Bridge. When the Shenandoah finally hits the Potomac, a series of heavy rapids ensue--Mad Dog and Whitehorse Rapids are two of the more famous.

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