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Naval Support Facility Indian Head

U.S. Navy Site

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The Naval Support Facility Indian Head is a United States naval military installation in Charles County, Maryland. It is a NAVSEA Warfare Center (WFC) enterprise dedicated to energetics (i.e., explosives, propellants, pyrotechnics, reactive materials, and their application in propulsion systems and ordnance). Indian Head is a large federal government reservation of 2,000 acres, used for munitions research and testing by the U.S. Navy and employing thousands of residents of Southern Maryland. The Navy has been firing shells down the Potomac since the 1800s; long range testing is conducted here and at Dahlgren, on the Virginia side near the U.S. 301 Bridge. The facility was founded in 1890 as the Navy's first established presence in southern Maryland. It covers more than 3200 acres and is surrounded by the Potomac River, Mattawoman Creek and Chicamuxen Creek.

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Contact Information
Naval Support Facility
3838 Strauss Ave.
Indian Head MD 20640