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Fort Mott State Park

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Fort Mott, located in Pennsville, Salem County, New Jersey, United States, was part of the Harbor Defenses of the Delaware, a three-fort defense system designed for the Delaware River during the postbellum and Endicott program modernization periods following the American Civil War and in the 1890s.

Fort Mott was designed after the American Civil War as part of a three-fort coastal defense system for the Delaware River. The fortifications seen were constructed in the late 1890s, and guarded the Delaware River throughout the Spanish American War and World War I. Fort Mott, along with Fort Delaware and Fort DuPont, became obsolete as the principal defensive installations on the Delaware River with the construction of Fort Saulsbury, near Slaughter Beach, Delaware, shortly after World War I.

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Contact Information
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
454 Fort Mott Rd.
Pennsville NJ 08070