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SS United States

Historic Site

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The SS United States is considered the world’s fastest ocean liner. Entirely Made in America , the ship was launched in 1952 as the most powerful, modern, and advanced passenger liner ever built, smashing the transatlantic speed record on her maiden voyage. But behind her graceful lines and patriotic flair, she was also a national security asset, capable of being transformed into a state-of-the-art, top secret military vessel.

The SS United States’ withdrawal from service in 1969 stunned her officers and crew; some left their equipment and personal items on-board in anticipation of returning to work the next day. As a reserve ship for the US Navy, she was hermetically sealed at her berth in order to preserve her interiors and machinery until 1978. She was listed for sale and had a succession of owners. In 2009, the ship was again listed for sale. In 2010 the Save the United States Conservancy began a campaign to preserve the ship.

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Contact Information
SS United States Conservancy
Pier 82
Philadelphia PA 19148