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Frenchtown, NJ


Photo of Frenchtown

Frenchtown sits along the banks of the Delaware River in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, across from Bucks County, Pa. and bordering Alexandria and Kingwood Townships, just south of Milford. In the 1800s, Frenchtown grew as a commercial center for surrounding farmers and as a manufacturing center, shortstopping some of the timber that was being floated down the Delaware as huge rafts, and processing the local oak and hickory. Frenchtown sawmills were busy, and factories were turning out tool handles, doors, brooms, carpets, chairs, liniment, carriages and even cigars. But the big industry was wagon wheel spokes. The city went through a series of booms and busts, and was affected by Delaware River floods. In the late 20th Century, it was rediscovered as an artist community. In 2016 ArtYard, a nonprofit dedicated to cultivating artistic creativity, bought property in town and began staging exhibitions, showing films, and more, operating in temporary quarters on Trenton Avenue. ArtYard is currently building a $10 million theater/gallery a block off Bridge Street.

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Contact Information
Borough of Frenchtown
29 Second St.
Frenchtown NJ 08225