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Lordville-Equinunk Bridge

Highway Bridge

Photo of Equinunk Bridge

In 1850, George Lord was granted a license to operate a ferry over the Delaware River on this site. In time, the area outgrew the ferry and planned a bridge. This bridge was designed by E.F. Harrington of the John A. Roebling's Sons company as a wire suspension bridge with wooden towers. It opened in January 1870 and was destroyed by flood in October 1903. It was replaced by an eye-bar suspension bridge which opened in June 1904. This second bridge lasted until February 1984 when it was closed due to an undermined pier, which caused one tower to lean and the bridge to sag. The bridge was demolished on 24 November 1986. Construction of the replacement bridge started in May 1991, and the new bridge opened in 1992. The current bridge is the furthest crossing upstream after the Delaware River converges from the east and west branches at Hancock, New York.

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New York-Pennsylvania Interstate Bridge Commission
55 Keystone Industrial Park
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